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Zephyr HP (high pressure) refrigerated dryers

Compressed air drying in high-pressure applications necessitates the use of dryers able to withstand the strain involved. This has led us to develop a range of HP dryers designed for inlet pressures of up to 45bar(g).

High-performance refrigeration system
HP dryers incorporate only the most efficient components, including a high-quality cooling compressor, a heat exchanger with excess capacity and an innovative air flow system. This combination facilitates reliable operation even at high temperatures and guarantees a stable pressure due point at the outlet.

Optimized compressed air flow
The lower the pressure gradient in the dryer is, the higher overall efficiency the dryer will achieve, delivering the best possible performance. All HP dryers work with an exceptionally low pressure gradient.

Loss-free condensate discharge
HP dryers are outfitted with high-pressure electronic condensate drains that allow for condensate to be discharged without the use of compressed air. This leads to considerable energy savings.

ModelCapacity at
DPT of -3°C
mm (L×W×H)
Pipe connection
ZD-24HP2,40,4645750×360×55050G 3/4
ZD-30HP3,00,5045750×360×55050G 3/4
ZD-40HP4,00,5545750×360×55055G 3/4
ZD-60HP6,00,8045750×550×88080G 1 1/4
ZD-80HP8,00,8545750×550×88080G 1 1/4
ZD-90HP9,00,9045750×550×88080G 1 1/4
ZD-100HP10,01,1045750×550×88080G 1 1/4
ZD-120HP12,01,2245750×550×88080G 1 1/4
ZD-150HP15,02,10451100×860×1200150G 1 1/4
ZD-200HP20,02,30451100×860×1200150G 1 1/4
ZD-250HP25,02,80451100×900×1550270G 2 1/2
ZD-300HP30,02,90451100×900×1550270G 2 1/2
ZD-350HP35,03,10451100×900×1550300G 2 1/2
ZD-400HP40,04,20451100×900×1550350G 2 1/2
ZD-500HP50,04,56451100×900×1550470G 2 1/2
ZD-600HP60,05,60451450×1130×1650 550DN80
ZD-700HP70,05,80451450×1130×1650 570DN80
ZD-800HP80,05,94451450×1130×1650 600DN80

Data applicable to the following conditions: Pressure dew point +3°C, pressure 45bar(g), Air FAD 20°C/1 bar(a), Ambient temperature 38°C, Inlet air temperature 38°C. Applicable to pressure due points in compliance with ISO8573-1:2001.