Zephyr EPM compressors

EPM-series Zephyr compressors maximize the potential of variable speed technology. With this technology, they achieve up to a 15% higher output with excellent specific power consumption – the energy savings are up to 40% compared to standard screw compressors. For the individual types of EPM-series compressors, spirals with a unique profile, precisely machined rotors and tapered roller bearings of the highest quality have been specially designed to ensure their high service life as well as the maximum possible supply of compressed air.

Advantages of Zephyr EPM compressors:

ModelPower consumption
bar g
mm (LxWxH)
Pipe connection
ZS-15 EPM- 7150,75-371200x800x1100460R 1
ZS-15 EPM- 8150,73-2,981200x800x1100460R 1
ZS-15 EPM- 10150,58-2,3101200x800x1100460R 1
ZS-18,5 EPM- 718,50,96-3,771200x800x1100480R 1
ZS-18,5 EPM- 818,50,93-3,581200x800x1100480R 1
ZS-18,5 EPM- 1018,50,73-2,9101200x800x1100480R 1
ZS-22 EPM- 7221,06-4,371200x800x1100560R 1
ZS-22 EPM- 8221,05-4,281200x800x1100560R 1
ZS-22 EPM- 10220,9-3,6101200x800x1100560R 1
ZS-30 EPM- 7301,71-6,571300x950x1370830R 1 1/2
ZS-30 EPM- 8301,68-6,481300x950x1370830R 1 1/2
ZS-30 EPM- 10301,3-5,2101300x950x1370830R 1 1/2
ZS-37 EPM- 7371,88-7,571300x950x1370850R 1 1/2
ZS-37 EPM- 8371,85-7,481300x950x1370850R 1 1/2
ZS-37 EPM- 10371,58-6,3101300x950x1370850R 1 1/2
ZS-45 EPM- 7452,35-9,471300x1030x1520890R 1 1/2
ZS-45 EPM- 8452,33-9,381300x1030x1520890R 1 1/2
ZS-45 EPM- 10452,0-8,0101300x1030x1520890R 1 1/2
ZS-55 EPM- 7553,38-12,572150x1350x15001960RC 2
ZS-55 EPM- 8553,19-11,882150x1350x15001960RC 2
ZS-55 EPM- 10552,63-10,5102150x1350x15001960RC 2
ZS-63 EPM- 7633,58-14,372300x1350x15002150RC 2
ZS-63 EPM- 8633,38-13,582300x1350x15002150RC 2
ZS-63 EPM- 10633,01-12,3102300x1350x15002150RC 2
ZS-75 EPM- 7754,38-17,572900x1620x16922800DN65
ZS-75 EPM- 8754,29-16,382900x1620x16922800DN65
ZS-75 EPM- 10753,89-14,7102900x1620x16922800DN65
ZS-90 EPM- 7905,45-20,672900x1620x16922850DN65
ZS-90 EPM- 8904,9-19,682900x1620x16922850DN65
ZS-90 EPM- 10904,72-17,1102900x1620x16922850DN65
ZS-110 EPM- 71106,7-25,672800x1750x16923050DN65
ZS-110 EPM- 81106,0-24,082800x1750x16923050DN65
ZS-110 EPM- 101105,35-21,4102800x1750x16923050DN65